How to Book an Escape Room Group Session in Colorado

Escape rooms are refreshing, fascinating, and are an amazing way to keep bonding with family members and friends. But if you don’t know how to set up a booking for your escape room experience, you can be perplexed before the main game of tackling the puzzles start. To avoid an aimless walk, here are some questions you should answer to reserve your escape room booking experience.

Where Can I Start?

Where Can I Start  - How to Book an Escape Room Group Session in Colorado

There are some essential things you should know before taking your family for an escape room game. By understanding the scheduling guidelines, you can have the best scheduling experience. Here are some considerations that will help you decide where to start.


If you want the best options, book your escape room in advance. This also allows you to work out issues that may surface.

Most escape rooms usually have a 24-hour cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your reservation when issues occur. If you need to cancel and do so within 24 hours, you will still get a full refund.

You need to know the people in your group in advance because rooms have different physical activity requirements, age limits, and themes. Check which reservations are suitable for your group. You can include teenagers and children in your group once there is a chaperone.

Where Can I Reserve a Room?

You don’t have to use third-party sources to book a room; you can book it directly online or by calling the booking department. Direct bookings by phone or email are great for a large group reservation. However, you can use online booking pages that are simple, easy, and secure to use.

Why is it Good to Book My Escape Room in Advance?

Apart from running into unexpected problems mentioned earlier, booking in advance offers a mouth-watering discount of up to 10% off. This offer can be claimed when you book at least seven days before checking in.

However, they still offer exceptional experiences whether you book before or on the day. Even if a couple has a date tonight without an idea of what to do, or an extended family just came into town, get in touch with these centers for openings.

Having a planned reservation can be more exciting than deciding on a room on the go. Earlier bookings also offer access to the most popular escape rooms when many people or groups need them most. Therefore, it is better to reserve your escape room bookings early to have an established date and time for your group.

How to Make Bookings

You need to determine the number of people coming, the room type you want, and when you want to make payments. Then, you are ready to book your reservation.

Reserving escape room appointments is easy. Simply use the Schedule tab on the websites or call to confirm the number of players coming and the date you choose.